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Business Swiss International Ltd. is the platform for new business, synergies and business opportunities.


Stefan Müller

a professional for new customer acquisition and a Social Marketing expert. Is the Founder of the Business Swiss events: Business Breakfast, Business Lunch D4, Business Lunch Bodensee, Business Afterwork, Unternehmer Gruppe Zug and Business Swiss Club. All this business platforms are integrated in Business Swiss International Ltd. since 2017.

Julia Föry

with a Bachelor degree in Independent Fashion Design and is active as IFBB Athlete Physique Bodybuilding international, www.juliafoery.com; possesses broad-based know-how and international business contacts in the sports environment as well as in fashion industry; is since 2017 active for Business Swiss International Ltd.



Stefan Müller Expert New-Customer-Acquisition, Social Marketing, Sportmanagement

Julia Föry

JF, IGE.IPI 705253

Perfect Body (Label)

Andréschnitzel IGE.IPI 680304, WIPO MADRID 1 283 852

Swiss Cloud Innovation

Call Center Business

Business Swiss

Business Swiss Club

Unternehmer Gruppe Zug

Business Lunch D4

Business Lunch Bodensee

Business Breakfast

Business Afterwork


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